The Mission of Global Studies

The Global Studies major at Lehigh seeks to promote critical perspectives on the social, political, economic and cultural processes associated with globalization. Going beyond traditional study in a single discipline, students harness critical and methodological approaches taken from the full range of the humanities and social sciences. In particular, students engage in international travel, the study of world cultures and the acquisition of foreign language expertise, as ends in themselves and as tools for understanding and meeting the global economic, social and ecological challenges that face us.

The program also seeks to foster historical, comparative and interdisciplinary methodologies that lead to a deeper understanding of particular nations and regions of the world. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, analytical reading and writing skills, and the ability to develop a holistic perspective based on literary, ethnographic, sociological, governmental, and commercial sources. Students will become as comfortable with issues of critical political economy as they are with literary theory and religion studies.

Ultimately, Global Studies students develop a sense of responsibility toward the human community and citizenship in the world – and develop the means to shape that world. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Professor Bruce Whitehouse, Director of Global Studies.