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Spending a summer, a semester, or a full year abroad is an amazing, life-changing experience that students never forget.

Exchange agreements with partner institutions are continually being developed in collaboration with the Office of Study Abroad. Lehigh also offers summer programs through the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC). A faculty member acting as program director accompanies the students. Courses are taught at the intermediate and advanced levels by qualified instructors from host institutions.

The Career Services office at Lehigh University offers an excellent set of resources to assist students in finding the right international internship opportunity for them. Between the Summer of 2007 and Spring 2015, there have been 183 separate abroad experiences for 117 Global Studies students. Many of the students go abroad once, but some students go abroad as many as five times during their time at Lehigh.

Some the numbers include:

  • 51 trips abroad for Summer 
  • 91 trips during the semester
  • 25 trips abroad during Winter session 
  • 16 short-term trips during a semester

Global Studies students have studied in 41 different countries. There are countless opportunities. What interests you?

There are many reasons why the study abroad experience is a key component of the Global Studies major. It often provides students with a new-found sense of awakened curiosity in peoples and subjects who before might have seemed unrelated and abstract, and helps to build the confidence and skills necessary to engage with unfamiliar cultures.

With respect to intellectual development, such experiences are intended to influence how students learn to evaluate the complex web of interactions that exist between the global and the local.

Study abroad: 12 credits of study abroad, taken in one semester, or one 6-credit summer sessions with approval of adviser, for financial or academic reasons. In all cases, coursework can be substituted, with the guidance of an adviser, if student is financially or academically unable to study abroad.

Lehigh University Study Abroad Office
International exchange agreements with partner institutions are continually being developed in collaboration with Lehigh's Study Abroad Office. Be sure to familiarize yourself with what resources they have to offer, and visit the Undergraduate Funding page to learn more about Lehigh's financial aid options for study abroad.

Useful Study Abroad Search Engines and Scholarship Opportunities
Do you want to study abroad, but don't know where to start or think that you cannot afford it? Check out these search engines.

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