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Lehigh University Global - Johannesberg International Airport Chinese SignGlobal Studies majors at Lehigh encounter the study of globalization through a set of five core courses (in Arts and Humanities, Culture, Economy, History, and Politics).  The structure of this interdisciplinary core training complements the wide range of elective courses from which students may choose in areas including Africana Studies, Anthropology, Art History, Asian Studies, History, Journalism & Communication, Latin American Studies, Modern Languages & Literatures, Political Science, Psychology, Religion Studies, and Sociology. Many students couple a BA in Global Studies with a second bachelor’s degree.

The BA in Global Studies requires a total of 44 credits (including an advanced senior seminar), plus advanced proficiency in a foreign language and a semester of study abroad. Students may also take advantage of Lehigh’s status as a non-governmental organization or NGO at the United Nations to meet and work with UN officials. A number of Global Studies students become delegates for international NGOs during their time at Lehigh.

To declare a Global Studies major, students must fill out a major declaration form and a major declaration supplemental form and schedule an appointment with Professor Kelly Austin, Director of Global Studies.


GLOBAL STUDIES Major - Requirements

For more information, also see Full Course Descriptions page.

[Note: The requirements below apply to students entering Lehigh in or after 2015. Students who entered before 2015 may opt to complete the major by following its previous requirements.]

Introductory Course

GS 1 Introduction to Global Studies (4)Lehigh University Global Studies - Statue

Core Courses (5 courses; 20 credits)

One course from each core area that explores how globalization shapes and is shaped by the following:

Arts and Humanities

  • GS/MLL 128 - World Stories: Literary Expressions of Globalization
  • GS/REL 140 - Religion and Globalization


  • ANTH 11 - Cultural Diversity and Human Nature (4)
  • GS/ANTH 106 - Cultural Studies and Globalization (4)


  • GS/SOC 319 - The Political Economy of Globalization (4)


  • GS/HIS 101 - Histories of Globalization (4)


  • GS/IR 10 - Introduction to World Politics (4)
  • GS/POLS 3 - Comparative Politics (4)
  • GS/POLS/PHIL 100 - Introduction to Political Thought (4)

Elective Coursework (4 courses; 16 credits)

Select four courses from Current Global Studies Electives Listing; other courses not on the list may be substituted with adviser’s approval. At least two electives must be 200-level or above.

Senior Seminar (1 course; 4 credits)

A 300-level, writing-intensive Global Studies course designated as a senior seminar; at least one will be offered every semester.

Collateral Requirements

  • Language Study: Global Studies majors are required to complete three years of language study, in a language taught at Lehigh other than the student’s native language. This requirement can be fulfilled all in one language (advanced level), or by taking two years of one language and an additional year of a second language.
  • Study Abroad: 12 credits of study abroad. A lower number of study abroad credits and/or coursework can be substituted, with the guidance of an adviser, if student is financially or academically unable to fulfill the requirement. Courses taken during study abroad may be counted toward satisfaction of major requirements with adviser approval.

Required Courses

For full course descriptions of courses available to Global Studies students, see the full course descriptions.


Spring    Summer    Fall


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Spring    Summer    Fall


Spring    Summer    Fall


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Spring    Summer    Fall


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Spring    Summer    Fall


Current Global Studies Electives Listing

Global Studies Minor

A minor in Global Studies consists of GS 1 plus three other GS courses, at least one of which must be at the 200 level or above. Visits to the UN as well as study abroad or Lehigh Abroad are strongly recommended. To declare a Global Studies minor, students must fill out a minor declaration form and schedule an appointment with Professor Bruce Whitehouse, Co-Director of Global Studies.

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