Archived Co-Sponsored Events

Sir Sayyid's Dreams: Biography and Islamic Dream Interpretation in 19th Century India
The Center for Global Islamic Studies presents Prof. David Lelyveld,
Professor of History, William Patterson University, on Wednesday, October 28th, 4:15 pm, in Linderman Library, Room 200.
Co-sponsored by the GSCI.

Global Tensions - GSCI Fall Conference
Friday, October 9, 2009
Lehigh University Mountaintop Campus
Iaccoca Building, Wood Conference

Culture • Communication • China: One-Day Symposium
Presentations • Panel • Discussion
Professor Liu Kang, Duke University, Globalization and Cultural Trends in China
Professor Yuezhi Zhao, Simon Fraser University, Communications in China: Political Economy, Power and Conflict
Friday, April 22, 2011 @ 10 AM to 5 PM - University Center, Room 308
Free Registration

Egypt at the Crossroads
Lehigh University Faculty Members Panel Discussion
Monday, February 14, 2011 @ 5:30 PM - Maginnes Hall, Room 105
Join us in this discussion on current events happening in Egypt
Free and Open to the Public

Town Hall Lecture: South Side Initiative and the City of Bethlehem
"How the Mass Media Keep Us Apart and Powerless? or, How Did We Get into This Mess?"
Wednesday, January 19, 2011 @ 7 PM
Bethlehem Town Hall
Free and Open to the Public
There is ample evidence that the American political system is both polarized and paralyzed. Our political discourse is full of the rhetoric of attack, blame, and victim-hood, while the government seems unable to deal effectively with deepening economic, ecological, and social justice problems. Drawing on the research completed for his newly published book, "What Really Happened to the 1960s: How Mass Media Culture Failed American Democracy", Professor Ted Morgan (Political Science, Lehigh University) explains how and why we got into this condition and what it might take to revitalize our democracy. Following the lecture, audience members will have the chance to ask questions and talk with the presenter and each other. 

Africa and Its Diaspora: Whither the Future?
Michael A. Gomez, Professor of History at NYU
Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
30 September at 7:30pm
Rauch Business Center, Rm. 91
Presented by The LVAIC Africana Consortium in Conjunction with The Africana Studies Program at Lehigh University
Open to the Public

2009 Kenner Lecture presented by Charles Villa-Vicencio
"Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes: Does the South African Settlement have anything to teach the world?"
Tuesday September 22 at 8:00 pm
Zoellner Arts Center Baker Hall.
Admission is free and open to the public.
Lehigh University is fortunate to have Dr. Villa-Vicencio here at Lehigh to speak. Please make plans to attend and all students, regardless of your major, are also welcome to attend.
Charles Villa-Vicencio holds an emeritus appointment at the University of Capetown and is currently a visiting professor in the Conflict Resolution program at Georgetown University. He was the National Research Director for the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which held public sessions from 1996-1998 and finished its work on 2004. The Commission’s goal was to rebuild post-Apartheid South African society via reconciliation and not retribution. By the end of its hearings, the Commission took statements from more than 20,000 victims of Apartheid and received applications for amnesty from 7,100 perpetrators of violence. In 2000 Prof. Villa-Vicencio founded the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation based in Cape Town and served as its executive director until 2008. Currently he works on issues related to transitional justice, and he has been worked for conflict resolution in numerous countries, including Rwanda, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sudan. His most recent book, Walk with Us and Learn: Political Reconciliation in Africa (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press) is due to be published in October 2009.

Could You Live on $2 a Day?
This is an opportunity for students to learn more about global poverty and the steps they can take to make a difference! All kinds of special challenges and great events have been arranged. Please see attached Flyer for information about all of the events that will be taking place between April 5th - 9th. For a more detailed description of Participant Directions and Challenge Week Rules check this information out.
Co-sponsors: Global Union, LU/UN Partnership, Global Citizenship Program, MDGI, Office of Community Service, Student Activities, Dean of Students, and the Globalization and Social Change Initiative.

Russian Power and American Purpose
A lecture by Dr. Thomas Graham
Thursday, March 26th, 4:00pm
Maginnes Hall, Room 270
Sponsored by the Dept of International Relations, the World Affairs Club, and The Globalization and Social Change Initiative

I Love Hip Hop in Morocco-peace, love, hip hop
Film Screening and Discussion with Director: Joshua Asen
A documentary about the emerging Hip Hop scene in Morocco and the struggle to create Morocco's first-ever Hop Hop Festival
Wednesday, February 25, at 7pm
Sinclair Auditorium
Free and Open to the public
For more information call 610-758-4649 or email The Humanities Center
Sponsored by the Humanities Center, Globalization and Social Change Initiative, Africana Studies Program, Department of Modern Languages and Literature and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology

The Beijing Opera Musical: "Monkey King"
Performed by Ghaffar and Chie

Tuesday, December 2nd
Lamberton, 6:00pm
Ghaffar and Chie will be opening the show with a performance of a classic from the repertoire that will highlight music and costumes and the grace of the female role in Beijing Opera. Following this, Ghaffar will lecture on and demonstrate the basics of the art. They will then close the show with a 20 minute performance of Monkey King. The whole show will run 6pm to 7.30pm.
International Centre for Beijing Opera
NPR Profile of Ghaffar Pourazar
Presented by Globalization & Social Change Initiative, ArtsLehigh, Asian Studies, Global Union, Journalism & Communication, Religion Studies, Theatre

Women in the Middle East: A Look from the Inside
Dr. Amal Hamada
Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence
Associate Professor of Political Science at Cairo University
Wednesday, November 5th
Maginnes Hall, Room 102, 4:00pm
The Middle East is now witnessing a number of changes on many levels: economic, political, as well as social. In order to get a better understanding of these developments, one needs to examine women’s status in this crucial region, especially taking into account the fact that women represent almost 50 percent of the population. The main focus of this lecture is to examine women’s contributions to development and democracy in the Middle East from a comparative perspective, as well as to discuss the main obstacles to their playing a more active role in their respective societies.
Sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages and Literature

Art in an Age of Global Warming
John K. Grande
Art Critic, Activist, Environmentalist, Journalist
Wednesday, October 15th, 4:10pm
Zoellner Arts Center, Lower Gallery
John Grande's work has appeared in Artforum, Vice Versa, Sculpture, Art Papers, British Journal of Photo-graphy, Espace Sculpture, Public Art Review, Vie des Arts, Art On Paper, Circa & Canadian Forum.He is also the author of Dialogues in Diversity: Marginal to Mainstream (2007), Balance: Art and Nature (2004), Jouer avec le feu: Armand Vaillancourt: Sculpteur engagé (2001), and Intertwining: Landscape, Technology, Issues, Artists (1998). For more information see: 
Sponsored by the Canadian Studies Institute, The Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise, Environmental Initiative, Globalization and Social Change Initiative, and the Humanities Center