Global Studies Major:

The BA in Global Studies requires a total of 36-40 credits.*  

Students at a Global Studies Presenation in 2018

Fostering Student-Faculty Connections: GS professors and students come together for events, share meals, and collaborate on research.  These relationships help students gain skills, connections, and experience that are important while at Lehigh and after graduating.
  • Intermediate Proficiency in a Foreign Language

    • Global Studies majors are required to complete the equivalent of four semesters of language study in a language other than English. This requirement can be fulfilled with foreign language AP credit, from courses taken at Lehigh, from courses taken elsewhere, or some combination of these.

  • A Semester of Study Abroad or International Internship

    • Students should complete 12 credits of study abroad, which can be used to fulfill elective or core course requirements when appropriate. Students may also substitute an international internship for study abroad; the internship must include a minimum of 100 hours over at least six weeks (presumably during the summer) and must be at an organization connected to global issues. If extended time abroad is a hardship, GS students may also petition the program director to undertake a U.S.-based internship directly involved in international and global issues.

Required Courses (totaling 36-40 credits)

Introductory Course (4 credits)
  • GS 001 Introduction to Global Studies
Core Courses (4 courses from each of the areas listed below totaling 14-16 credits)
Arts and Humanities (choose 1)
  • GS/MLL 128 - World Stories: Literary Expressions of Globalization
  • GS/REL 140 - Religion and Globalization
Culture (choose 1)
  • ANTH 011 - Cultural Diversity and Human Nature
  • GS/ANTH 106 - Cultural Studies and Globalization
  • GS/HIS 101 - Histories of Globalization
Politics (choose 1)
  • GS/IR 010 - Introduction to World Politics
  • GS/POLS 003 - Comparative Politics
  • GS/POLS/PHIL 100 - Introduction to Political Thought
Senior Seminar (1 course: 4 credits)
  • GS/SOC 319 - The Political Economy of Globalization (writing intensive)     
Elective Coursework (4 courses; 14-16 credits)
  • Select four additional courses from the current Global Studies electives listing. At least two electives must be 200-level or above.

Core or elective courses may be taken during study abroad in consulation with the Program Director.

For more information, also see the Full Course Descriptions page.

* The changes to the language requirement and total credit requirement outlined above are pending faculty approval in May 2019. 


Global Studies Minor:

A minor in Global Studies requires a total of 15 to 16 credits.

Introductory Course (4 credits)
  • GS 001 Introduction to Global Studies
Elective Coursework (12 credits)
  • Select any three additional Global Studies courses. At least one elective must be 200-level or above.



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2019 Spring Courses

To declare a Global Studies major or minor, students must fill out a major or minor declaration form and schedule an appointment with Professor Kelly Austin, Director of Global Studies.

Study Abroad Travel Grant Application

Spring Deadline: 2020 TBA
Fall Deadline: October 20, 2019