Highlighting Your Strengths

You should emphasize that the relatively new Global Studies major sets you apart from other candidates. Your major is interdisciplinary, you should say, because global changes cannot be understood by one disciplines.

Through your Global Studies education, you can do many things. Depending on the job you are seeking, you should emphasize different strengths in your cover letter and resume. Global Studies students, for example, can say they obtain a strong grounding in global affairs which teaches them how to engage in problem-solving across boundaries and cultures, and how to critically evaluate information from a comparative perspective. This training also involves learning how to become an effective communicator which includes learning how to argue and defend complex views before a variety of global audiences. Students gain global competency.

You want to emphasize the benefits of your global experience, even for non-global jobs. For example, you can say that study abroad was not “backpacking through Europe” but an opportunity to succeed in unfamiliar situations with co-workers from different backgrounds and cultures. During your time abroad, you engaged in research and problem solving in new situations and with people from different cultures. Many jobs today require exactly that.

Here are tips for highlighting your Study Abroad experience and other global activities on your resume: Resume tips.

And for those getting ready for that job search, here is a sample resume for a graduate of Global Studies. You can see how your global understanding and experience will be of use to numerous companies and organizations. A Global Studies major also offers excellent preparation for graduate school and law school.

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